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We can help you to pinpoint exactly where you need to take action that will make significant improvements and increase your personal and business success

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Coaching Excellence

As professionals ourselves, we know that there can be times when we each find it hard to ask for help.

I’m not sure if this is because of any natural stubbornness or just not wanting to admit to ourselves that another person’s analysis of the situation, a different perspective, may alert us to something obvious that we might have missed. The great thing about the coaching approach is that it is both objective and supportive, you’re not being judged, the coach is just trying to find out what’s happening and what’s holding you or your organisation back from achieving your full potential.

Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis

Coaching is future-focused, it’s about discovering your ambitions and unlocking your potential and then helping you to achieve your goals and the outcome you desire in the fastest possible way. It’s our job to really listen to you and ask questions to clarify both our own understanding of what you’re explaining and to facilitate light-bulb moments for you. Working in partnership, we then agree the best options and put together a plan to take you, and possibly your organisation, to the next level, providing ongoing, tailored support exactly where it is needed.

Along with my VIP colleagues, I have many years of experience working with clients at all levels and understand the challenges of working in both small businesses and corporate organisations. Our experience spans commercial, public sector, charities and supporting entrepreneurs.

Our experience with large organisations has given considerable know-how that can be adapted to meet the needs at all levels, demonstrated by the tools and methodologies we use. For example, one element of our comparator tool focuses on being ‘market and customer savvy’ to help you or your organisation critically examine how you approach each element listed in the tool to pinpoint exactly where you need to take action that will make significant improvements and increase success.

Why Choose VIP Coaching?

When you access VIP Coaching, you engage coaches who are experienced in working with individuals and organisations of all sizes and from a range of sectors, including engineering and manufacturing, retail and business-to-business, sales and marketing, public services and charities.

Your coach or coaches will provide dedicated support tailored to meet your specific needs and aspirations, they can access a range of tools and techniques that will ensure you are fast-tracked to success and receive VIP service and support each step of the way.

As a VIP coaching client, you and your team or organisation's employees receive free membership of the VIP Success Club that provides opportunities to attend webinars, workshops and other VIP events. There is an extensive library of resources available for you and team members to access.

Training Qualifications and Memberships

As well as helping others to develop their full potential, I am passionate about my own personal development and learning, and continuously embrace new opportunities to advance my skills, strengths and knowledge. I embrace high ethical standards and follow the Association of Coaching Code of Ethics. The following is a list of my credentials:

  • Professional Certificate in Business Coaching
  • MSc Human Resource Development & Organisational Change
  • Investors in People Advisor
  • CIPD Diploma in Training Management
  • CIPD Chartered Member
  • Institute of Directors Member and Policy Voice Contributor
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Centrex/NPLC Transformational Leadership &
    Senior Leadership Development
  • Project Management Prince 2
  • Psychologica Practitioner
  • Strengths First© Leadership Dynamics and Team Dynamics
  • Current DBS 2017
  • Data Protection Essentials: GDPR Edition 23.5.18

Our Services

Step up to achieve more and set the vision for your team.

Get your team on track and achieve greater results through a focused approach.

Coaching Individuals & Teams

We work with individuals, executives and teams at all levels to achieve rapid development.

Communication Dynamics

Communicate better with others by understanding your own style as well as theirs.

Our Areas of Expertise

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    Team building
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    Managing your Team
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    Personal Branding
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    Organisational Transformation
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    Investing in People
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    Managing Cultural Change

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