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Working withExecutives

Where results mean everything, challenge the way you work to increase your performance, achieve greater impact, and reach your full potential

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Working with Executives

Focus could be solely on career progression or achieving a specific goal relating to a project or team, you may be going through a period of personal or organisational transition and keen to take on extra responsibility or new challenges, and with the support of VIP Coaching, you will become well-equipped to achieve your ambitions.

Executive coaching sessions feature tailored and dedicated activities that empower and appropriately challenge executives to overcome any limiting behaviours and further develop their leadership skills so both they and their teams excel.

This dynamic style of executive leadership coaching can be extremely beneficial when used to:

  • facilitate preparation for a significant role change, such as promotion to board level
  • analyse work-related issues or conflicts, and jointly developing solutions for best outcomes
  • build personal brand to increase impact and influence
  • improve work-life balance, energy levels and capacity to enjoy life to the full

Executive coaching is needs-based and guided by the aspirations of the client. It is tailored to each individual and is focused on them achieving their full potential, both to meet current role requirements and equip them to progress their career.

Why Executives Invest in Coaching

Generally, for every £1 spent on high level coaching, the executive and their organisation will typically see a financial return on investment of somewhere between £5 and £10 in benefits attributable to improved leadership, communications and team working across the organisation resulting in higher levels of motivation and achievement.

VIP Executive Coaching will help you to set ambitious goals and provide ongoing dedicated support to help you achieve sustained success at the highest level.

Only by reviewing your goal and the key elements of your plan regularly, can you monitor and check for effective progress and take necessary action.  

We help you to evaluate the factors that are coming in to play so that you can focus on the key activities that will really make a difference, thus maintaining the trajectory towards your success. 

The trick is to then set another ambitious goal that will stretch your skills and determination to reach even bigger goals. We will be there to celebrate your success and encourage and inspire you to aim higher still to achieve even greater fulfilment.

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Our Services for Executives


Personal Branding, Impact and Presentation techniques.


NLP Techniques to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviours.


Strengths First

Play to your strengths so that you and your team can excel.


CBM Analysis and Coaching to enhance communications and influence.

Our Areas of Expertise

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    Team Building
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    Managing your Team
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    Personal Branding
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    Organisational Transformation
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    Investing in People 
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    Managing Cultural Change

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