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Working with Individuals

Overcoming external and internal limiting factors to excel

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Working with Individuals

Many individuals are struggling to meet the challenges of increasingly complex work-life, as information and task-overload is prevalent, leading to frustration and anxiety. Ultimately, their quality of input and even their capacity to meet work demands can suffer, having a knock-on effect on relationships and wellbeing.

Coaching for Individuals

We work with individuals at all levels, mostly on a one-to-one basis, and, at their request, with teams, and board members. Using a range of tools and techniques, we tailor coaching and dedicated development support to meet the individual’s needs. Our goal is to support each client to develop a Vision of their ideal future self and the ambitions that they will subsequently achieve, thus enriching their lives.

Working in partnership with the client, we agree appropriately challenging action plans and map the support we will provide to aid the individual’s journey by identifying the key elements of coaching and related activity trigger points to ensure real Impact is achieved in the most energy efficient manner.

Regular review sessions keep client and coach activities focused on achieving goals and enabling the client to work smarter, raising both their game and overall Performance in work. Often, there is also a massive pay-off to the individual’s work-life balance and personal relationships.

Specialist areas:

  • Strengths First© performance and leadership profiling
  • Mind-Plus workouts to develop flexibility and resilience
  • CBM Analysis and coaching to enhance communications and influencing skills
  • NLP Techniques to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, and to fast-track personal success
  • BYB Personal Branding, Influence and Presentation Technique

8 Steps to Success

VIP Success Club has created an 8 Step process to help you plan and reach your goals.

Let VIP help you to identify your goals and attain the success you deserve through a range of transformational techniques. 

We can help you to achieve your goals or maybe even change your life.

VIP 8 Steps to Success

Our Services for Individuals


Personal Branding, Impact and Presentation Techniques.


NLP Techniques to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviours.


Strengths First

Play to your strengths so that you and your team can excel.


CBM Analysis and Coaching to enhance communications and influence.

Our Areas of Expertise

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    Team Building
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    Managing your Team
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    Personal Branding
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    Organisational Transformation
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    Investing in People
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    Managing Cultural Change

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