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Working with Organisations

Attract, Retain and Fully Engage Talent

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Working with Organisations

Many organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit, retain and fully engage talented staff and provide a style of management that inspires those with high expectations to make a dynamic contribution and be recognised in a way that builds loyalty and long-term commitment.

Team working together

We work with leadership and management teams and stakeholders, either in team settings or on a one-to-one basis by creating shared approaches that help the organisation to raise its game and become an employer of choice, recognised for effective on-boarding, excellent team working and collaboration.

The Strengths First© methodologies we implement are aligned with the Investors in People principles and lay solid foundations enabling individuals to understand how they contribute to achieving the organisation’s goals, whilst knowing their expertise, creativity and commitment are valued.

Individuals are more motivated to take on additional responsibility or a challenging project, enjoying positive, productive relationships with their manager and peers. They value feedback and effective communications, and are happy to contribute to fostering a supportive and stimulating atmosphere.

The VIP Organisation Growth Accelerator has been designed to help you evaluate your organisation and its readiness for growth against 20 key accelerator areas. You can access your copy here.

Contact VIP to discuss how we can support you to accelerate your growth.

Organisation Growth Accelerator

Specialist areas:

  • Strengths First© leadership dynamics and team skills workshops
  • SPRING methodologies to facilitate organisational transformation and/or cultural change
  • CBM Analysis and coaching to enhance communications and influencing skills
  • NLP Techniques to overcome limiting behaviours and to fast-track team success
  • BYB Executive branding, Impact and presentation techniques
  • Mind-Plus workouts to develop flexibility and resilience

Executive Coaching

This aspect of one-to-one development continues to grow simply because it produces measurable business outcomes that have positive effect on the bottom line.

VIP Executive Coaching was founded on two principles: getting leaders and managers to focus on the Vision, work to achieve an Impact on it, and monitor their own and team Performance with dedicated support from a VIP Executive Coach. 

One-to-one coaching

Team performance is promoted through the second principle: leaders and managers must Value and Inspire their People. They must invest time, energy and commitment in every employee. 

Valuing, Inspiring and Praising each team member must become the norm.

Our Services for Organisations

Step up to achieve more and set the vision for your team.

Get your team on track and achieve greater results through a focused approach.


Strengths First

Play to your strengths and get the most from your team.

Communication Dynamics

Communicate better with others by understanding your own style as well as theirs.

Our Areas of Expertise

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    Team Building
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    Managing your Team
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    Personal Branding
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    Organisational Transformation
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    Investing in People
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    Managing Cultural Change

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