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Leadership Dynamics

Much is written about leadership; there are hundreds of books about it and a plethora of courses. It seems ironic that given the level of awareness and investment in leadership development that so many organisations and lead bodies still report that leadership in practice is either scarce or inconsistent across a wide range of sectors.

Recruitment and retention of talent is becoming more challenging and is emerging as a critical threat to future sustainable success. 

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Given the increased cost of recruitment*, it is a saddening fact that staff turnover continues to rise and many leavers cite poor management or feeling undervalued and frustrated as the main reason for moving on.
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*Potential vs Experience: The Leadership Conundrum; Open University Report, 21.12.17

For more information, click the following link: Open University Business Apprenticeships

Clearly, leaders need to be developed in order to fully engage their people, increase collaboration, build team spirit and thus make a significant improvement in retention, as individuals feel valued as both their contribution and their potential is recognised.

Working in partnership with VIP, we help you to fully analyse the current situation, we determine where you are on your leadership journey and where your followers are on their journey. With increased confidence and influencing techniques, you will enthuse your team to trust, support and fully commit to you and give you their all to achieve shared and individual goals. 

We cherry pick activities and focused development interventions from myriad models including those of John Adair, Edward De Bono, Tony Buzan, Ken Blanchard, Meredith Belbin, Charles Handy and numerous other thought leaders.

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Potential vs Experience Report

We have developed innovative frameworks to use with individuals, teams, boards of directors and the organisation as a whole to identify the key issues and the impact these have at every level of the organisation. Our approach is both flexible and thorough and is tailored to individual, team and organisational needs, as appropriate, then designed and implemented to meet the specific requirements at each level.

Vision   Impact   Performance

Starting with a focus on self-awareness of the Leader within, VIP Coaching adopts an approach to self-development that focuses on Vision, Impact, and Performance, by supporting individuals to fulfil their potential. This in turn, boosts self-confidence, communication and influencing skills.

Through dedicated support, we will help you to appreciate the positive effect you can have when working with others to make this a more truly effective and rewarding experience.

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Contact us and experience the VIP approach yourself as we guide you through a process of enhanced self-discovery, where you become equipped to significantly impact on other people. It’s when you start to think and feel like a VIP yourself and treat those with whom you come into contact also as a VIP, that you will be amazed how success will manifest itself in your life.

VIP Coaching promotes a leadership style of you giving first; focusing on your own and others’ strengths, then demonstrating the value you place in others, doing all you can to inspire them and provide praise and encouragement, helping you both to see the learning that results from mistakes and set-backs. Then, re-investing time and energy to Value, Inspire and Praise them.

Many organisations start their transformational journey with senior management and leadership workshops to introduce new thinking, encourage challenge and that ultimately leads to increased buy-in. VIP have designed specific workshops to help organisations focus on Leadership Dynamics and Team Dynamics to kickstart the transformational change.

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