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Organisational Transformation

When executive coaching is aligned, it can make an enormous contribution to the success of any corporate objective or engagement programme

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Organisational Transformation

Executive coaching, either aligned to an internal transformation initiative or linked to external factors, or to the achievement of a quality standard, such as Investors in People recognition, can make an enormous contribution to the success of any corporate objective or engagement programme.

Our coaching sessions are well structured, focused, and powerful and thus, are extremely effective development interventions for individuals, leaders and key stakeholders in forward thinking organisations.

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Executive and leadership coaching can be extremely beneficial when used to:

  • support a major organisational change such as a merger or restructure
  • underpin a ‘hearts and minds’ cultural change by generating greater buy-in from all involved
  • share organisation-wide best practice improving leadership and management capability
  • improve recruitment, on-boarding, retention and active engagement of the workforce
  • provide targeted personal development for leaders and senior managers who have little time, and often perceive they are carrying the weight of responsibility, which can begin to feel quite demanding

Many organisations start the transformational journey with senior management and leadership workshops to introduce new thinking, encourage challenge and that ultimately leads to increased buy-in. VIP have designed these specific workshops to help organisations focus on Leadership Dynamics and Team Dynamics to kickstart the transformational change.

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    Managing Cultural Change

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