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We are keen to share our learning with you and provide access to an insight into the wealth of information available on personal development, coaching, mentoring and training, leadership and engagement, in the topics where we have a passion and we want you to gain from this on your journey.

Here is a list of links to articles and websites from a number of recognised providers.

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Engagement: Talent Search

A major concern for any hiring professional is keeping that candidate pool filled with top talent. Although many factors go into this, it starts with the candidate experience of your online job applications. Today, the average candidate conversion rate from company careers pages remains below 5%. Want to break this trend and drive more candidates to apply to your jobs?

Follow the 7 steps listed in this Newton Software guide.

7 Steps to Attract and Engage Top Candidates

7 Steps to Attract and Engage More Candidates

Engagement: Unlocking Potential

"It’s not the plans, products or capital resources that make an organisation great. It’s the people. We believe organisations succeed by unlocking the potential of their people."

This Investors in People guide brings together 30 top strategies for creating the conditions for great employee engagement. 

The reward? Discretionary effort that is directly aligned to business performance.

IIP Employee Engagement Strategies

Top 30 Employee Engagement Strategies for Leaders

Team Dynamics: Team Dysfunction

According to author of the best-selling The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni claims:

"Like it or not, all teams are potentially dysfunctional. This is inevitable because they are made up of fallible, imperfect human beings. From the basketball court to the executive suite, politics and confusion are more the rule than the exception.

However, facing dysfunction and focusing on teamwork is particularly critical at the top of an organization because the executive team sets the tone for how all employees work with one another."

Are you ready to face the five dysfunctions of a team in order to create a functional, cohesive team - to gain competitive advantage? Find out in this Conquer Team Dysfunction Article.

Conquer Team Dysfunction article

Conquer Team Dysfunction Article

Team Coaching: Organisational Transformation

Often leadership teams of large companies turn to team coaching when they know they need to lead a major organisational transformation.

In this Case Study on Finnair on Finnair, Dave Jarrett explores how team coaching has several distinct but interconnected areas:

  • the team jointly clarifies, develops and owns the transformation
  • the need to operate as a team to lead this change
  • the need to live and role model the values and behaviours 
  • Builds the trust and cohesion necessary to deal with any turbulence 
  • Increases their collective capacity to communicate the transformation process, engage staff and other critical stakeholders, and win commitment to the change

Team Coaching Transformation Case Study of Finnair

Team Coaching as part of Transformational Coaching 

Leadership: Driving Performance

Now, more than ever, leadership is evolving. There are new criteria to define success in a leadership role at different levels of an organisation. Navigating through this, it is important to understand the nature of work in terms of behaviors that drive success at each level.

The SuccessFinder team spent over two years researching and
validating their findings  across three corporate levels of leadership:

• First/Intermediate-Level Management
• Senior-Level Management
• C-Level Management

To find out more, read the Ladder of Leadership: A behavioural competency model for driving the highest level of performance at the corporate leadership levels.

SuccessFinder ladder of leadership

Ladder of Leadership Article

Psychology of Collaboration

The way your team communicates greatly affects the performance of your employees and your organisation.
However, less commonly understood is the psychology behind how we collaborate.

The psychology behind workplace collaboration can be tied back to the day-to-day interactions that take place at virtually any organisation. How your employees interpret the work they do
and the way they collaborate with others ultimately determines their success, investment and engagement in the company. And when your employees are engaged, your company wins.

Explore how you can enhance collaboration in your work environment with this Microsoft article on The Psychology of Workplace Collaboration.

Psychology of workplace collaboration

The Psychology of Workplace Collaboration Article

Vision, Impact & Performance.

Apply proven techniques to inspire, engage and motivate.

Effective teamwork throughout the organisation that delivers outstanding results. 


CBM Model ensure effective communication, leading to positive, productive relationships.

Managing your Team

Great management results in increased team and individual performance.

Personal Branding

Developing a strong personal brand opens doors to opportunities and success.


Embed a coaching culture to greatly improve engagement and productivity.

Align thinking and activity to increase commitment to success

Improve recruitment, retention and engagement of talent .

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