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VIP Team Dynamics

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Effective Teamwork

Effective team working throughout an organisation delivers outstanding results in terms of service improvement and increased income.

However, in many organisations, little thought or attention is given to how well teams are functioning and which teams need to improve in order to enhance their own and, in turn, the overall performance of the organisation.

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VIP Team Dynamics Model

The signs that a team is experiencing difficulties can be subtle. There may be an atmosphere that just doesn’t feel right. Team members may appear to be stressed or not fully engaged during meetings, or they may refrain from helping a colleague who could clearly do with assistance. Other indicators of potential team issues include increased sickness absence, project delays, increased re-work or costs.

VIP use a mix of tools and techniques when working with teams to help members clearly identify and express the underlying causes that are impacting on both the performance and wellbeing of the team.

We use a series of individual and group activities that lead to the identification of individual and combined strengths, which sets the foundations that lead to mutual respect and increased trust.

The VIP Team Dynamics Model offers leaders a model for developing a team and achieving high levels of productivity, and support a wider coaching culture. Download the PDF for more information.

VIP  Values - Inclusion - Performance

The VIP Team Dynamics approach encourages positive behaviours to be established and individuals are equipped with key NLP skills to aid communication and resilience.

The team focuses and works together more effectively to create an environment that enhances well-being and boosts performance.

An understanding develops around individuals and shared motivational factors and how each team member can complement and support greater levels of motivation all round.

Where required, new ways of working and improved processes are agreed, trialled and implemented where clear benefits will result in:

  • a more cohesive working approach
  • individuals feel comfortable asking for help and offering feedback
  • colleagues are likely to tap into one another’s skills and experience
  • an increased team focus generating more creative ideas and more powerful solutions
  • a higher quality of decisions based when all the facts are available
  • lively meetings contributing to a positive team atmosphere
  • high levels of commitment towards shared objectives, which increase motivation and accountability

Many organisations start their transformational journey with senior management and leadership workshops to introduce new thinking, encourage challenge, and that ultimately leads to increased buy-in. VIP have designed these specific workshops to help organisations focus on Leadership Dynamics and Team Dynamics to kickstart the transformational change.

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