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Why Investin Coaching?

Investment in coaching in the organisation will see a return in benefits attributable to improved leadership, communication and team working across the organisation.

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The Case for Investment

Return on Investment studies reported in People Management, Harvard Business Review, Personnel Today, and the ROI Institute all stress the importance of measuring the ROI on investment in executive and leadership coaching.

In summary, generally, for every £1 spent on high-level coaching, the executive and the organisation will typically see a return on investment of somewhere between £5 and £10 in benefits attributable to improved leadership, communications and team working across the organisation resulting in higher levels of motivation and achievement. 
Why invest with VIP Coaching?

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The Merits of Coaching

 In a series of articles within the Harvard Business Review, the various merits of coaching are evaluated. Here are some extracts, along with a link to the full article: 

Read the full Harvard Business Review article here...

What can Coaches do for You?

Article by Diane Coutu and Carol Kauffman:

Following a HBR Survey of coaches, the findings reveal: Today, most coaching is about developing the capabilities of high-potential performers. So, do companies and executives get value from their coaches? When we asked coaches to explain the healthy growth of their industry, they said that clients keep coming back because “coaching works”.

What the Experts Say

The Coaching Industry: A Work in Progress: by Ram Charan

There’s no question that future leaders will need constant coaching. As the business environment becomes more complex, they will increasingly turn to coaches for help in understanding how to act. The kind of coaches I am talking about will do more than influence behaviors; they will be an essential part of the leader’s learning process, providing knowledge, opinions, and judgment in critical areas.

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Does your Coach Give you Value for Money?

by David B. Peterson

Today, coaching is a popular and potent solution for ensuring top performance from an organization’s most critical talent. Almost half the coaches surveyed in this study reported that they are hired primarily to work with executives on the positive side of coaching—developing high-potential talent and facilitating a transition in or up. Another 26% said that they are most often called in to act as a sounding board on organizational dynamics or strategic matters.

Reasons to Invest in Coaching

According to the Harvard Business Review Survey of Coaches and some experts invited to comment on the findings, almost half of those who engage a coach are looking to develop high potentials or facilitate transition.

Although coaches are not hired to address personal issues, around two thirds assist executives with personal issues, reflecting the need to keep a work-life balance and how issues at work will have an effect on our personal lives and vice versa. Although other stakeholders may well be involved in initiating coaching, particularly in the corporate environment, in almost a third of cases, it is the coachee who decides to embark on the coaching journey.

Top 3 Reasons Coaches are Engaged

The Growth in Coaching

According to a Forbes article:

This growth in coaching is due to a heightened focus on developing high potential leaders (rather than a remedial effort to help derailing employees), and the leaders themselves say it is working...

Effective executive coaches make no assumptions about what the client needs to function successfully.  Instead, they work from the executive’s agenda to help the client accelerate the development of the insight needed to deliver the desired change, whether that’s enhanced communication, time management, building high performance teams, or some other area of focus.  Self-reliance, and not dependency, is the goal.

Access the Forbes article here...

Measuring the Impact of Coaching

Research by the Full Potential Group indicates that only 20% of organisations consistently measure their coaching activities, according to an article that appeared in Personnel Today.

The most commonly applied evaluation of coaching interventions is ‘informal’ measurement via anecdotal or intuitive assessment: this method is used in 77% of one-to-one and 23% of group coaching programmes. ‘Harder’ bottom-line-related business measures are used far less frequently by employers.

So, what can you do to measure this effectively?

Designing ROI evaluation activities for coaching is not as difficult or time-consuming as people might imagine. Look at both the ‘hard’ business measures – including questionnaires, interviews, surveys, and focus groups to evaluate improvements around increases in sales and productivity, accountable profit, reductions in cost, and so on, and ‘soft’ behavioural measures – such as 360° assessments, and customer and employee surveys.

Read the full article: Trade Secrets: Measuring the Impact of Coaching

Buyer's Guide to Coaching

This guide shows the importance of the relevance of coaching experience in a similar setting for 65% of those who engage in coaching, closely followed by a clear methodology:

Most important factors for coaching

Coaching borrows from both Consulting and Therapy

Key factors include Coaches supporting Executives in managing goal setting, asking the right questions and focusing on individual behavioural change.

Coaching borrows from both consulting and therapy

Why Invest with VIP Coaching?

When you access VIP Coaching, you engage coaches who are experienced in working with individuals and organisations of all sizes and from a range of sectors, including engineering and manufacturing, retail and business-to-business, sales and marketing, public services and charities.

Your coach or coaches will provide dedicated support tailored to meet your specific needs and aspirations, they can access a range of tools and techniques that will ensure you are fast-tracked to success and receive VIP service and support each step of the way.

As a VIP coaching client, you and your team or organisation's employees receive free membership of the VIP Success Club that provides opportunities to attend webinars, workshops and other VIP events. There is an extensive library of resources available for you and team members to access.

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